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Minimum Wage in Canada

Minimum Wage in Canada

Minimum Wage in Canada Background
The minimum wage in Canada is established separately in each individual province. Each province is responsible for creating and enforcing labor laws, including minimum award wages. The minimum wage regulations vary significantly from one province to another, in regard to minimum wage standards and who is eligible to receive minimum wage rates. 

Minimum Wage in Ontario
In regard to minimum wage, Ontario has established a standard that is significantly higher than the minimum wage rates offered in other provinces within Canada. The minimum wage in Ontario varies depending upon the type of work that an individual performs and the age of an employee. Specific categories of workers, such as hunters, have higher minimum wage standards than the majority of the working population. 

Award Wages in Victoria
Award wages in Victoria refers to the minimum wage standard that has been established in Victoria, Canada. Victoria is a city within the province of British Columbia, and therefore, wages in Victoria are governed by the minimum wage standards created by British Columbia. British Columbia continues to maintain the lowest minimum wage rates in Canada.