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Colorado Unemployment

Besides compiling information on Colorado unemployment figures for the entire state, Colorado unemployment data is also available for the major metropolitan areas of the state. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, a division of the federal Department of Labor, publishes Colorado unemployment data for Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver- Aurora- Broomfield, Fort Collins- Loveland, Grand Junction, Greeley, and Pueblo Colorado. 
On a statewide level of examining the Colorado unemployment data, the most recent period for which information is available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is the six month period between March 2010 and August 2010. Despite the Colorado unemployment rate remaining steady at eight percent for four of these months, it appears that the main reason the Colorado unemployment rate did not change is because as many individuals ceased to be eligible to collect Colorado unemployment benefits as there were as many people losing their jobs.
This can be seen in the fact that the Civilian Labor Force continued to decline at the same rate as the Colorado unemployment and employment numbers changed. However, these numbers became maladjusted in August 2010, when the number of people who were unemployed rose out of proportion to the number of people who were losing their jobs. This causes the Colorado unemployment rate to climb to 8.2 percent.