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Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B

Medicare part  B is the portion of Medicare which covers Medical insurance. there are in fact several parts of Medicare coverage and Medicare beneficiaries may not have every type of coverage. Medicare Part B may cover some things which are not covered by Part A, but on an outpatient basis. Part A covers hospital stays but Part B may cover testing at a hospital on an outpatient basis.
Those that do not enroll in Medicare part  coverage, receive a penalty of ten percent a year if they are not actively working. However, a spouse and a Medicare recipient may defer part B if they are still actively working. The ten percent penalty is a lifetime penalty and can be rather costly.
Medicare B covers doctors visits and nursing visits, such as those visits in which a vaccination is administered. Doctors visits can include check ups and medical care received for an illness. Medicare part B can also cover x-rays, diagnostic and laboratory tests when they are ordered by a physician. The Medicare part B premium also covers regular vaccinations, as well as vaccinations for illnesses such the flu.
There are a myriad of things which a Medicare Part B premium will cover, including necessary blood transfusions. In fact, Medicare B also covers ambulatory services which may be required for the Medicare beneficiary to get to a doctors appointment.