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What Are The Welfare Benefits

What Are The Welfare Benefits


The term welfare benefits is usually used to describe financial assistance to that is issued to individuals who have a low income, or no income at all. In most instances, a qualifying individual will receive social welfare payments once a month, or every other week, however, the payment schedule may vary. In order for an individual to receive welfare benefits, he/she must qualify for a welfare program and apply for these benefits.

An individual may qualify for welfare benefits if he/she has been laid off from his/her job, if he/she has been injured and is not able to work, or if he/she is disabled or elderly. These circumstances, and some similar situations, may prevent an individual from acquiring the income necessary to adequately support themselves. Welfare benefits are intended to help provide basic necessities. 

When an individual receives welfare benefits, the money that he/she is receiving is taken from the working class. When an individual's income is taxed, a portion of this tax is a social security tax. This money is used to provide for individuals who are not able to support themselves, due to injury, age, or uncontrollable circumstances. Subsequently, when a member of the working class is experiencing difficult situations and is not able to attain an income, he/she will be permitted to apply for social security benefits.

There are certain regulations and specifications that an individual must meet in order to obtain welfare. For example, if an individual is filing for unemployment, he/she must have been employed for a specified period of time, and his/her termination must not be his/her fault. These regulations will vary from one state to another.