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Ohio UnemploymentOhio unemployment compensation claims are showing a general trend towards diminishing. Between March 2010 and August 2010, the unemployment rate fell from eleven percent to ten point three percent. Unlike other instances of unemployment data, this does not appear to be a case of individuals ceasing to be eligible to receive unemployment compensation, since the figures for individuals in the Civilian Labor Force, the number of individuals employed, and the volume of persons out of work, have all remained consistent from month to month over this six month period.

Throughout the state, the volume of mass layoffs have varied over the six months from March 2010 to August 2010 have changed drastically. In August was the least difficult month for individuals who lost their jobs. In August there were only 27 mass layoff events across all industries in the state, affecting just over 2,500 individuals. However, the previous month, July 2010, was the worst, with 87 mass layoff events resulting in more than 9,500 individuals. 

Seasonally adjusted, the largest number of jobs held in the state of Ohio is found in the Trade, Transportation, and Utilities industry. 

The number of Ohio unemployment compensation claims have, in terms of percentages, increased over this same six month period the most in the Construction industry, even after an adjustment has been made for seasonal turn over in the industry, which is especially surprising because the spring and summer months are usually a strong time for Construction companies.