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CT UnemploymentConnecticut unemployment data is available on a state wide basis or through analysis of information gleamed from major metropolitan areas. In either case, the information about the CT unemployment information is compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is a branch of the Department of Labor, which is in turn a division of the federal government of the United States of America. 

The major metropolitan areas for which Connecticut unemployment data can be accessed are Bridgeport- Stamford- Norwalk, Danbury, Hartford- West Hartford- East Hartford, New Haven, Norwich- New London CT-RI, Springfield MA- CT, Waterbury, and Worchester MA- CT. Due to the population density in the area, CT unemployment information can be heavily influenced by market changes in neighboring states, especially Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 

Within the state itself, however, Connecticut unemployment figures are most subject to changes in the Trade, Transportation, and Utilities industries, since it is the segment of the economy that provides the single largest source of employment. The next major area of employment in the Connecticut economy that poses a serious risk of affecting CT unemployment rates is the Leisure and Hospitality industry. Even though the Leisure and Hospitality industry in the state had experienced six months of uninterrupted growth when examined year over year, there is a high risk of CT unemployment developing in this volatile industry.