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Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A

There are several types of Medicare coverage available and each had s specific purpose. Medicare part A covers any hospitals stay that requires the patient to stay at the hospital overnight. In fact, Medicare A covers the cost of the hospital room, the food provided by the hospital, testing and the doctors fees.
Medicare Part A will then cover further hospital fees, such as nursing home stays, when they meet specific requirements.  The stays  that are required must be  longer than three days and three nights, when the hospital stay is required because of something found during testing at the original hospital stay.
In fact, Medicare A will only cover the convalescence stay if it is for something found during the initial hospital stay or if it is for the actual reason that the individual went to the hospital in the first place. In addition rehabilitation may be covered if  that rehabilitation requires nursing staff and doctors to be present during that time period. However, the care being provided by the nursing home, must include skilled care, as Medicare does not cover custodial nursing home stays.
The stay at a skilled nursing home, must not exceed one hundred days if it is to be covered by Medicare Party A. Medicare pays for the full stay, up to twenty days and the Medicare recipient is responsible for a co payment for any days that exceed the twenty day full coverage limit.