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West Virginia Unemployment

West Virginia Unemployment

A Guide to West Virginia Unemployment Compensation
In beginning of 2000, the West Virginia unemployment rate was around 5.7%, and it fell slowly over the year, but return to similar levels during 2002. It then slowly decreased down to 3.9% in February 2008, but then began to quickly rise during the summer of 2008, reaching an all time high of 9.7% in December 2010. As of October 2011, this value has gone down to 8.2%. 
Apply for West Virginia Unemployment Compensation
If you are unemployed, you may be eligible to receive West Virginia unemployment compensation benefits. Once you are partially or completely unemployed, you should immediately establish a new unemployment compensation claim the very first week. Your claim becomes effective once you file it and you cannot back date your claim, or retroactive, so is important to open your West Virginia unemployment compensation claim right away. To be eligible for West Virginia unemployment compensation benefits, you must meet these eligibility requirements: 
You must be either completely or partially unemployed (part-time) as defined by the law. 
You must be available to work and able to work full-time work
You must be able to show sufficient wages during employment as stated by federal or state unemployment compensation law 
The reason for your unemployment should not be your fault
You have to participate in West Virginia’s reemployment services
If you wish to file for West Virginia unemployment compensation, you can visit a UC claim center in your county. Here are the phone numbers of different offices in West Virginia you can contact to set up an appointment for your claim. 
Your social security number (alien registration number for non-U.S. citizens)
Telephone number, mailing address, and home address
Driver’s license or state ID number
Routing and Bank account number for direct deposits
Employment history for the last 18 months including the complete names, phone numbers, and addresses, payroll addresses if different, start and end dates for employment, and reasons for leaving the place of employment 
How to Maintain West Virginia Unemployment Compensation
If the West Virginia unemployment rate goes above a certain level, you may be eligible to receive an extension of your unemployment compensation after you finish your benefits. This applies when an extended benefit period is declared. The most additional West Virginia unemployment you can receive is 13 more weeks of benefits. There are other federal programs that can offer even further extensions. You may qualify for either the Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation or the State Extended Benefits. However, latter will end on December 13, 2011 while the former will be phased out in January 2012.