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KY Unemployment

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the division of the Cabinet level Department of Labor that is assigned the responsibility by the federal Government of the United States of America to compile information about economic data for all 50 states as well as the nation’s various possessions.


When it collects economic data, the Bureau of Labor Statistics prefers to publish this information on both a statewide basis and also to break down the information so that its reports can be used to obtain information about the major metropolitan areas that affect the economy of each state.


When compiling a report for the state of Kentucky, KY employment data will focus on the following metropolitan areas:

·         the Bowling Green, KY metropolitan area,

·         the Cincinnati- Middletown, OH- KY- IN metropolitan area,

·         the Clarksville, TN- KY metropolitan area

·         the Elizabethtown, KY metropolitan area

·         the Evansville, IN- KY metropolitan area,

·         the Huntington- Ashland, WV- KY- OH metropolitan area,

·         the Lexington- Fayette, KY metropolitan area

·         the Louisville- Jefferson County, KY- IN metropolitan area

·         and the Owensboro, KY metropolitan area.


The most recent period for which KY unemployment and economic data is available is March 2010 through August 2010. During this time there were 176 mass layoffs, which resulted in 20,937 individuals joining the ranks of the people eligible to file a claim for KY unemployment benefits for the first time. For almost the entire six month period, 10 percent or more of the workforce was eligible for KY unemployment benefits.