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Indiana Unemployment

Indiana Unemployment

A Guide to Insurance for Unemployment – Indiana
In 2000, the rate of unemployment in Indiana was at about 2.9%. However, between then and 2002, this rate shot up to 5.4%. The unemployment rate remained somewhat stable until around fall of 2005, where it began to drop to about 4.5% in 2007. When watching the rate or unemployment, Indiana’s values shot up between early 2008 to the summer of 2009, more than doubling to a high of 10.9%. In 2011, the Indiana unemployment rate has ranged between 8% and 9%. 

Apply for Insurance for Unemployment – Indiana
In order to apply for unemployment, Indiana state provides both an online service as well as offices where you can file your claim for unemployment insurance benefits. You can either file a new claim for benefits, reapply after a period of employment, or resume your filings after a period of claim inactivity. If you wish to file your claim in person, you can visit the nearest WorkOne center as soon as you are unemployed. If you want to use the online service, you can go to Uplink CSS, which is the online system for Indiana unemployment insurance claims. In either situation, you will need to provide your name, address, phone number, and social security number as well as your last employer’s name, phone number, address, and dates of employment. You can receive benefits based on your total wages earned during a base period. The minimum amount of unemployment insurance benefits is $50/week, while the max is $390/week. 
Paperwork for an Claim for Unemployment – Indiana

To start your Indiana unemployment insurance claim, you can either file your claim in person at the nearest unemployment insurance office, or you can file your unemployment insurance benefits claim online at uics.Indianaworks.com. Regardless of what method you use, you will need to provide the following information: • Your name, phone number, and state issued driver’s license
Social security number
Names, phone number, and address of all employers from the last 18 months
If you a member of a union, the name and number of your union hall
Reason for unemployment
When you are filing a claim, you must provide proper documentation that shows your identification as well as your social security number. You must have at least one of each following document: 
Driver’s license, state issued photo ID, passport, military ID, passport
Social security card or official document with full social security number indicated

Eligibility for Insurance Benefits for Unemployment – Indiana

In order to be eligible to receive Indiana unemployment insurance benefits, you must met the following requirements for every week you receive benefits: • You must have earned a minimum amount of wages
You must be available for and able to work, and must be actively seeking employment
You must register with the Department of Employment and Training for work
How to Maintain Insurance for Unemployment – Indiana
You may receive unemployment insurance benefits for up to 26 weeks (or less if your maximum benefit amount has been reached). However, during high periods of high unemployment, Indiana provides unemployment emergency extensions. Under the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation program, your unemployment may be extended by a maximum of 20 weeks. Normally, you will not have to apply for an extension because if you are eligible, it will automatically be put in place.