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Responsibility for collecting State of Michigan unemployment data lies in the Cabinet level Department of Labor of the federal Government of the United States of America; specifically, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is the division of the Department of Labor that bears the responsibility for compiling information about economic data for the entire nation.
After collecting the information, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports this information in relation to statewide figures and information about specific major metropolitan areas. When examining MI unemployment data, there are 16 major metropolitan areas which the Bureau of Labor Statistics focuses upon.
The most recent six month period for which MI unemployment information is available is March 2010 through August 2010.  Throughout this period, the state of Michigan unemployment rate has remained above 13 percent. March and April 2010 were the worst months for MI unemployment figures, with the state of Michigan unemployment rates being 14.1 and 14.0 percent respectively in each of these months.
MI unemployment rates improved slightly, falling to 13.1 percent in July and August, although for the state of Michigan, unemployment data was artificially assisted by more than 40 thousand individuals ceasing to be eligible for MI unemployment data.