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California Senators Overview

California Senators Background
California Senators serve in the California Senate. The California State Senate regulates legislation that is created and passed in the state of California. In addition, two California Senators are elected to serve on the United States Senate. Currently, the two Senators that represent California in the U.S. Senate are both women and Democrats. 

Barbara Boxer

Barbara Boxer serves as one of the United States Senators elected to represent the state of California. Senator Barbara Boxer is a well respected and widely loved politician who has been reelected to serve multiple terms on the U.S. Senate. Senator Boxer fights to protect the environment, uphold national security, and improve the state of California. 

Dianne Feinstein
Diana Feinstein was selected to be the California State Senate representative in the United States Senate. Senator Feinstein is an accomplished woman who has been extremely successful in a male dominated domain. After completing multiple terms on the U.S. Senate, Senator Feinstein continues to fight to protect and improve California.