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Arkansas Disability Benefits

Arkansas Disability Benefits

Quick Guide to Arkansas Disability Insurance 

Arkansas Disability

The majority of Arkansas disability claims fall under social security, and the Disability Determination for Social Security Administration is a statewide program that helps the federal program determine eligibility.  If some qualifies for Arkansas disabilities insurance, the federal program will still issue checks and payments instead of the state.  

This article will discuss valuable information for anyone thinking about filing for Arkansas disabilities insurance, and for more valuable information, visit the following website under the DDSSA: 

Common Arkansas Disability Fraud

Like other states, there are common types of Arkansas disabilities schemes: 

1. Faking an injury or illness- This is the most common type of fraud.  It is easy to fake an injury or illness, and even with the help of professional medical testimony, the fact that a worker might be faking an injury is often hard to detect. 

2. Working while on disability- In Arkansas, many people are caught working while still receiving Arkansas disability insurance. They may work under the table or even do the same job they were doing before, and although a person may work while receiving payments, they can’t work more than a specified amount of hours or outside of a specified job. 

3. Collecting Arkansas disabilities payments after healed- this type of fraud is normally easily detectable, but many people will try to receive payments after they have been cleared.  

Eligibility Factors

There are a number of eligibility factors that the federal government will examine, and a more complex investigation will be held by the state unless the need for Arkansas disability through SSDI or SSI is obvious.  The federal government will examine the following eligibility factors: 

• the disabled insured work must be under the age of 65 

• a person who became disabled under the age of 22 must be dependent of a deceased insured parent or a parent with title II disability or retirement benefits

• the person is a disabled widow or widower between the age of 50-60 and the deceased spouse was insured under Social Security 

There are other programs and grants for numerous other types of Arkansas disabilities, but as mentioned above, the majority of claims made within the state are under Social Security.  

What is the General Process of Filing for Disability?

In order to file for federal social security within the state of Arkansas, you’ll first have to submit a claim by mail, telephone, or in person to any Federal Social Security Office within AR.  If the FSSO approves the claim for Arkansas disabilities, the application will then be referred to the DDS who will meet with the claimant.  

If the claims process through the FSSO is uncomplicated, the process will only take 5 to 10 days under the federal government, and the DDS will take about 3 months to file the case.  If the claimant is first denied and then reconsidered for Arkansas disability, the reconsideration process can take up to 4 more moths.  If there is an appeals process, the process can even take a whole year to complete.