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Arkansas Unemployment Benefits

Arkansas Unemployment Benefits


Quick Guide to Arkansas Unemployment Insurance 

Arkansas Unemployment Benefits

The state of Arkansas provides the public with a large amount of user friendly resources, as well as useful information about the entirety of Arkansas unemployment benefit.  The majority of information on this website is referenced from the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services, and you should regard the following website for all services offered under the DWS: 

Am I Eligible to Receive Arkansas Unemployment Benefits?

After you file a claim with the State Department of Workforce Services Office, you’ll have to meet certain eligibility factors in order to receive an Arkansas unemployment benefit.  The eligibility factors under the DWS are listed below: 

1. unemployed 

2. physically and mentally able to perform suitable work

3. Available for suitable work

4. Making a reasonable effort to find work

5. Free of participation or direct interest in a labor dispute

6. Free of disqualification

Additionally, you must file an Arkansas unemployment benefit claim a week before you can start receiving compensation through the DWS.  During the one full workweek, you will have to meet eligibility factors, make less than 140% the wages you had in your last job, and remain qualified.  After you have met all qualifications for Arkansas unemployment benefits, you can begin receiving direct deposit from the state.  

What Helpful Resources are under the Arkansas DWS?

The DWS provides a large list of helpful resources for Arkansas unemployment benefits, and most of these resources are explained in this article.  For more information on about an Arkansas unemployment benefit, visit the link provided

How can I make my weekly claim for UI benefits in Arkansas?

You can either make your weekly claim by telephone or over the internet.  In order to make a claim over the phone, you’ll have to contact the ArkLine at (501) 907-2590 if you are the applicant or (501) 907-2591 if you are the employer.  With these services, you can receive general information about Arkansas unemployment benefits, information about your claim inquiry, or about filing a continuing claim.  

In order to file a continuing weekly claim over the internet for an Arkansas unemployment benefit, you can use the ArkNet tool under the DWS.  Reference the following website to help you with filing over the internet:  

Can I file the first claim over the internet?

You can use the EZARC (Easy Arkansas Claims) tool under the DWS to file your first claim over the internet.  You’ll have to have your name and mailing address, social security number, name and address of your last employer, and the last day you worked and your reason for no longer working in order to make the first claim for an Arkansas unemployment benefit.  For more information on this tool, visit the following website.  

Can I Receive Arkansas Unemployment Benefits after a Natural Disaster?

The Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) is a federally-funded program that allows jobless workers and self employed workers to file for UI when their unemployment was a direct result of a natural disaster.  For more information, visit the following website.