Idaho Unemployment Benefits

Idaho Unemployment Benefits

Idaho Unemployment Benefits


Understanding Idaho Unemployment Benefits:

To secure for Idaho unemployment benefits, you must submit an online or paper application with the state’s department of labor. To begin your application for Idaho unemployment benefits please visit.

If You Answer yes to any of the Following Questions you will be ruled Ineligible for ID Unemployment Benefits:

• Since 06/04/2006, were you disabled for at least 13 consecutive weeks due to a work-related illness or injury or a non-work related illness or injury and released by your doctor within the last year?

• Since 4/1/2010, have you worked in two or more states?

• Since 4/1/2010, did you work in only one state other than Idaho?

Eligibility Requirements for Idaho Unemployment Benefits:

Similar to other forms of insurance, to receive ID unemployment benefits, you must satisfy certain requirements and conditions. To qualify, you must meet both monetary and personal eligibility requirements. 

Personal eligibility requirements for Idaho unemployment insurance states that you must be unemployed through no fault of your own; Idaho unemployment compensation laws states that you must have been laid off due to a lack of work, discharged but not for misconduct or voluntarily quit with good cause connected with your employment. Additionally, to receive ID unemployment insurance you must be rendered physically able to work full-time, be willing and able to accept both part-time and full-time employment and you must be ready to get to work. Failure to meet these standards will result in a significant impediment to ID Unemployment Benefits.

In addition to the above, you must meet the state’s monetary requirements for ID Unemployment Benefits. The majority of work performed in Idaho qualifies an employee for unemployment insurance compensation. Self-employment typically does not qualify for unemployment compensation; however, you may apply and let the Idaho Department of Labor local office determine your eligibility. 

Monetary determinations show the wages paid to you my employers who contributed to your unemployment insurance fund during your base period (the first four of the last five finished quarters before the beginning of your claim for Idaho unemployment insurance). Your prospective Idaho unemployment insurance amount is calculated by the amount of earnings during this 12-month period. A weekly benefit amount is calculated by the calendar quarter with your highest earnings. 

Federal and Military Claims for Idaho Unemployment Insurance:

All ex-military personnel and Federal civilian employees may generally meet the monetary requirements for Idaho unemployment insurance. Federal civilian employees must bring the S8 and SF50 if issued at separation; these individual may be asked to provide proof of earnings. Ex-military personnel will need to bring a copy of their DD-214 member 4. 

To obtain additional information on the requirements for Idaho unemployment insurance, you should contact your local unemployment office. To locate your local office, please consult the state’s Department of Labor directory, located here.

General Requirements for ID Unemployment Benefits:

• To secure Idaho Unemployment Benefits, you must have at least 680 hours of covered employment in your base work year to meet the initial requirements for Idaho unemployment benefits. Furthermore, you must also earn wages in the state of Idaho in order to file for Idaho unemployment benefits. 

• You need to provide the Idaho Employment Security Department with the reason for your unemployed status:

• You will be eligible for Idaho unemployment benefits if your employer laid you off because of company downsizing or lack of work

• The Idaho Employment Security Department is required to make a decision regarding your eligibility for Idaho unemployment benefits if you voluntarily quit your job, were suspended or fired by your employer. 

• The Idaho Employment Security Department will secure information concerning your separation from both your employer and you. Both you and your former employer has the opportunity to respond to each side’s version of the separation. Following this procedure, the Idaho Employment Security Department will issue a written decision based on the information they gather. 

• You must be physically able to work to receive Idaho Unemployment Benefits. 

• You must be available for work to receive Idaho Unemployment Benefits.

• You must actively seek gainful employment or suitable work to receive Idaho Unemployment Benefits to receive Idaho Unemployment Benefits. 

ID Unemployment Benefits Claims Center Contact information:

When you file a new claim for Idaho Unemployment Benefits by phone, the Idaho Employment Security Department will first ask you a series of questions, which you will answer via the keypad on your phone. 

The list of questions can be found here

After you answer these questions, the Idaho Employment Security Department will transfer you to a claims specialist to finalize your claim. The number and subject of the questions will vary depending on the type of claim you are filing. 

To apply for Idaho Unemployment Benefits, please call the Idaho Employment Security Department at 800-318-6022 between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

To File for Idaho Unemployment Benefits, you must have the Following Information with you:

• Your Social Security Number

• The dates you worked for your employer(s) (the month, day and year are required)

• The names, telephone numbers and business mailing addresses of all your employers since April 1st of 2010. If you worked for more than 16 employers, you must call 1-800-318-6022 to apply for Idaho unemployment benefits

• The approximate gross monthly income earned from each employer

• If you worked for a union, you must provide the name and local number of the union

• If you worked for a federal government agency since April 1st 2010, you must attain the SF-8 and SF-50 form. 

• If you were a member of the military since April 1st 2010, you must provide a copy of your DD-214 Form

• If you are not a citizen of the United States, you must provide your Alien Registration Number issued by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services to secure Idaho Unemployment Benefits

• If you wish to have the funds directly deposited into your bank account, you will need to provide the agency with your credit union or bank routing and account numbers

Before you start your application for Idaho unemployment benefits, you can view a sample of the application for compensation at the following site





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