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Who is my Congressman?

Who is my Congressman?

The House of Representatives is made up of representatives, often referred to as congressmen who are figureheads of specific congressional districts within each state. The congressional districts are mapped out using the results of a Census, particularly in the area of population as well as previous district lines. These lines can be altered regarding the expansion or shrinking of a particular district.

The state of California has a significant number of congressional districts; currently there are 53 congressional districts for California, which means that there are 53 elected officials in the House of Representatives for California alone. 

Because there are so many districts and the population is so larger, individuals often wonder who is my California Congressman? For individuals who do not know their California Congressman, there are different tools that can be utilized to figure the issue out. Checking the House of Representatives page, or looking up Congressional districts in a search engine can bring to answer.

The same thing goes for finding one’s respective Florida congressman; it is a matter of figuring out the specific congressional district that an individual lives in. In some cases, there are districts where individuals land on the line; it is important to research one’s Florida congressman in order to air complaints or request voting on particular bills that are considered important to an individual. Starting by contacting a Congressman and them moving the Senator ensures that the public is being heard.

Congressman Explained

Congressman Explained

A Congressman is another term for a member of the House of Representatives. These are individuals who represent smaller constituencies their respective states. 

Congressman Background
The title of congressman has traditionally been reserved for members of the House of Representatives. These are elected officials who have been brought to the highest governing body in the United States in order to efficiently and effectively conduct business under the rules and regulations set forth in the Constitution. Congressmen are essential to the implementation of new policies, and the enforcement of congressional regulations by the American public. 

Congressman John Lewis
Congressman John Lewis the congressional representative of the 5th district in the state of Georgia. Congressman Lewis is an advocate for equal rights and civil services protected by the United States. Congressman Lewis also plays an instrumental role of the Ways and Means congressional committee, as he is the Chairman of the Oversight subcommittee. Congressman Lewis helps to watch over the machinations of various institutions, in order to gauge the efficacy of programs that are currently in place. 

Congressman Barney Frank
Congressman Barney Frank is a house representative for the 4th district in the state of Massachusetts. Barney Frank is an advocate for the public option health care, and serves as the chairman of the Financial Services Committee in the Congress. This committee works on the regulation of allocations and financial endeavors; it is an extremely important committee during the economic crisis. 

Who is my Congressman?
Often individuals wonder who is my congressman? This is the case, with regards to the respective California Congressman and Florida Congressmen. The reason this is so is because these two states have larger populations, and thus have more districts of representation. Finding out who one’s congressman is is a matter of figuring out district lines.