Minimum Wage in Arkansas

Minimum Wage in Arkansas

Minimum Wage in Arkansas


Quick Guide to Minimum Wage in Arkansas 

Minimum Wage in Arkansas

There are numerous laws throughout Arkansas statutes that address minimum wages in Arkansas.  Section of state law will be discussed in this article that address minimum wage in Arkansas, as well as information about wage disputes.  

Statutes Addressing Minimum Wages in Arkansas

As mentioned above, there are multiple laws that address wages within the state.  The statutes listed below offer a brief overview of these laws: 

11-4-210 Minimum Wage

Section (a) of this law states that following: 

“Beginning October 1, 2006, every employer shall pay each of his or her employees wage at the rate of not less than six dollars and twenty-five cents ($6.25) per hour except as otherwise provided in this subchapter.” 

The second section of this law states that minimum wages in Arkansas are sometimes less for full-time students.  If the full-time student work 20 hours or less a week and attends an accredited institution within the state, the rate of wage shall be no less than 85% of the normal minimum wage in Arkansas.  This section does not apply when students are on breaks between semesters.  

Section 11-4-212 Allowance for gratuities

This section of laws on minimum wages in Arkansas addresses the payment of wages to employee who make a significant percentage of their wages on tips. The first section of this law states than an employee who makes at least $3.62 per hour from gratuities can be paid a minimum wage of at least $2.63 per hour.  

Additionally, if an employee made less than minimum wage after all gratuities and adjusted minimum wage in Arkansas, an employer is responsible for providing compensation for the difference.  The Director of the Department of Labor is allowed to have an employer show satisfaction of such a measure.  

Section 11-4-213 Allowance for furnishing board, lodging, apparel, etc

The first section of this law on minimum wages in Arkansas states the following: 

“Every employer of an employer engaged in any occupation in which board, lodging, apparel, or other items and services are customarily and regularly furnished to the employee for his or her benefit shall be entitled to an allowance for the reasonable value of board, lodging, apparel, or other items and services as part of the hourly wage rate provided in 11-4-210 in an amount not to exceed thirty cents (30 cents) per hour.” 

Filing Wage Claims for Backed Minimum Wage in Arkansas

According to section 11-4-220, any employee covered under law may file a claim with the Director of the Department of Labor if an employer has violated any laws and failed to provide the employee with the required minimum wages in Arkansas or any other payments.  If a wage claim is made for minimum wage in Arkansas, the Director of the Department of Labor will promptly investigate a claim, and the name of an employee within the claim shall be kept confidential until the Director issues and administrative complaint and is ordered to release the information.  

For more information on filing a wage claim, visit the website.





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