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Utah Unemployment Benefits

Utah Unemployment Benefits


Quick Guide to Utah Unemployment Benefits 

Utah Unemployment Benefits

The state of Utah provides the public with a large amount of user friendly resources, as well as useful information about the entirety of Utah employment benefit.  The majority of information on this website about Utah unemployment benefit is referenced from the state’s Department of Workforce Services, and you should regard the following website for all services offered by the DWS.

Am I Eligible to Receive Utah Unemployment Benefits?

After you file a claim with the State Department of Workforce Services Office, you’ll have to meet certain eligibility factors in order to receive a Utah unemployment benefit.  The eligibility factors under the DWS are listed below: 

• have earned qualifying wages

• are unemployed through no fault of their own

• are able and available to work full-time

• are actively seeking full-time work

Qualifying wages for Utah unemployment benefits must be at least $3,200 during the base period.  The total base earning must be at least one and one-half (1 ½) times the highest quarter wages during the base period.  There are other factors that may affect the amount or your eligibility for a Utah unemployment benefit, and these factors are listed below: 

• reason for job separation 

• ability and availability to work full-time

• how regularly you are seeking full-time work

• proper weekly claim filing

• school attendance 

• strike or labor disputes

• self-employment or corporate officers

• alien status

• refusal of a job offer

• illness or injury

• school employee status

• professional athlete 

How can I make my weekly claim for Utah Unemployment Benefits?

You can either make your weekly claim by telephone or over the internet.  In order to make a claim over the phone, you’ll have to contact one of the office below: 

• Salt Lake and South Davis Counties- (801) 526-4400

• Weber and North Davis Counties- (801) 612-0877

• Utah County- (801) 375-4067

• Balance of State or Out of State- (888) 848-0688

With these services, you can receive general information about Utah unemployment benefits, information about your claim inquiry, or about filing a continuing claim.  

In order to file a continuing weekly claim over the internet for a Utah unemployment benefit, you can access user friendly tools under the DWS.  Reference the following website to help you with filing over the internet:  

Work and Earning Reporting for Utah Unemployment Benefits and Claims

If you are filing a weekly report for your Utah unemployment benefit, you must report all of your work and earnings for the week in which you worked.  You must report the following for your weekly report for Utah unemployment benefit: 

• full-time or part-time work

• all paid training

• military reserve or National Guard duty

• work for a non-profit organization or church

• any self-employment

• payments for providing childcare 

• work on contract or commission basis

• holiday, severance, or vacation pay

• tips

• farming income 

Fraud concerning Utah unemployment benefits is a serious crime, and you are liable for anything you put within a claim, even if you accidentally make a mistake.