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Minimum Wage in Connecticut

Minimum Wage in Connecticut


Quick Guide to Minimum Wage in Connecticut

Minimum Wage in Connecticut

The current minimum wage in Connecticut is $8.25 per hour—one of the highest in the nation—and there are multiple state and federal laws that adjust the wage according to qualifications of the employee.  This article will discuss the different minimum wages in Connecticut, laws that address the minimum wage, and steps to take for filing a wage claim against an employer.  

Minimum Wages in Connecticut for Service Employees

The pay rates for servers and bartenders are different in the state of CT.  The minimum wage in Connecticut for a server is $5.69 and there is a 31% tip deduction.  A bartender will receive a minimum wage of $7.34 and have an 11% tip deduction.  For more information on these minimum wages in Connecticut, visit Section 31-60 of the state’s General Statutes.  

Laws that Address Minimum Wages in Connecticut

There are multiple laws under Section 31 of the General Statutes that address exemptions, varying rates, and more.  Some important laws are discussed below, but for a complete list of laws on minimum wage in Connecticut, visit the following link.

Section 31-58a Minimum wage for minors in government or agricultural employment

This law indicates that employee between the ages of 16 and 18 who work for a state or political subdivision can be paid 85% of the establish minimum wage.  Additionally, workers between the ages of 14 and 18 who worked for an employer who employed 7 or less employees can receive 75% of the establish minimum wage in Connecticut.  

Section 31-65 Modification of orders

This law states the following about the Commissioner and minimum wages in Connecticut: 

“The commissioner may, from time to time, propose such modification of or additions to any administrative regulations included in any order of the commissioner, without reference to a wage board, as he or she deems appropriate to effectuate the purposes of this part, provided such proposed modifications or additions could legally have been included in the original order…”

If the Commissioner does decide to modify regulated wages, he or she must give notice at a public hearing no less than 15 days after the publication where oppositions and modifications may be heard. 

Although Connecticut has one of the highest minimum wages in the United States, the amounts can change from year to year.  The minimum wage is projected to stay the same throughout 2013, but again, a Commissioner can make modifications whenever they feel necessary.  

Filing a Wage Claim

If you believe your employer has violated laws for minimum wage in Connecticut, you’ll have to file a wage complaint with the Wage and Workplace Standards Division.  In order to obtain the proper form for the wage claim against unlawful minimum wages in Connecticut, you can visit the following website

Make sure you follow all instructions on this website as well.  These instructions are extremely important, and you can call the Wage and Workplace Standards Division at (860) 263-6790 if you need help completing the forms.