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Know The Minimum Voting Age

Know The Minimum Voting Age

The voting age, is the minimum age of a United States citizen that must be attained in order to eligibly cast a vote in a public election. In the United States, the voting process is attached with varied age requirements given the type of election. 
For instance, nineteen states presently permit 17-year old to vote in primary elections and caucuses if they turn 18 years of age by election day. The voting age in the United States for local elections are decided by the individual states themselves. For federal elections, however, the voting age is 18 years old. 
The voting process for National elections–such as the election for the President of the United States–requires that all voters be at least 18 years of age. This voting age requirement does not waver; federal law states sets this age requirement and it cannot be superseded by local rulings or laws. In order to imitate the voting process and individual must register with the federal government.
To register, the individual must fulfill two main requirements: he or she must be an American citizen, and at least 18 years of age. The only time the voting age fluctuates, as stated before, is for local primaries and caucuses where some states have instituted a law that individuals who will turn 18 on or before election day are allowed to vote. 



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