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Your Guide to The Senate Judiciary Committee

Your Guide to The Senate Judiciary Committee

The United States Senate includes a committee known as the Senate Judiciary Committee. This Committee is one of the oldest Committees to be incorporated into the Senate. It was established in 1816, and since its creation, it has played an important role in regulating a variety of different domains. The Committee is overseen by a United States Senator.
The authority maintained by the United States Senator Judiciary Committee continues to evolve and expand, as the United States government and the Congress grows and changes. The primary responsibility of the Committee is to oversee and regulate the Justice Department. This includes the Federal Bureau of Investigation and any other organization involved in criminal justice. However, the Committee maintains many additional and important duties.
Following its establishment, the Senate Judiciary Committee was concerned with the United States Justice Department. Though this continues to be an essential focus of the Committee, the Committee is now also concerned with an array of additional domains. For example, today, the Senate Judiciary Committee is concerned with immigration law, internet violations, human rights, and terrorism. The Committee also possesses the responsibility of reviewing the candidates who are nominated for judgeship but the President.
As a result, the Senate Judiciary Committee plays an important role in determining who is nominated to be Supreme Court Justices. The Committee has played an primary role in a number of important, historical events in the United States, including the establishment of the Civil Rights Act, in 1959. 



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