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Using A Electoral Vote Calculator

Using A Electoral Vote Calculator

The electoral vote calculator is a resource utilized by members of the affiliated nominees, political strategists, and everyday citizens who wish to forecast an impending election. The electoral college is the system that, through a democratic vote, elects the President of the United States. 
As oppose to a popular vote, where the total amount of votes yields the winning party, an electoral vote map distributes point totals to each state based on population. The electoral vote map, therefore is a list of all 50 states (in addition to Washington D.C.), and their respective electoral totals. The winning party needs to obtain at least 270 of the 538 total electoral votes to win. Keeping this number in mind, the electoral vote calculator is used to predict the point totals through each states assumed winner. 
In the electoral vote map system, the winner of the popular vote in each state wins all the electoral votes that are assigned to the state. This process is applied to every state, with the exception of Maine and Nebraska whose districts are split–the winner of each district will be awarded that districts electoral vote total. 
The electoral vote calculator lists all the states in the US, their respective electoral totals, and a tally for both the Republican and Democratic parties. By selecting the Republican or Democratic button for each state, a user can predict the outcome of the presidential election. The electoral vote calculator allows only one party to be chosen for each state. In addition to predicting an upcoming election, the electoral vote calculator can demonstrate the results of past elections.



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