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Presidential polls are those that are administered to the American public in regards to the involved candidates in a Presidential Election. Generally speaking, presidential polls are conducted to provide for a prediction as to which candidate will ultimately win the election and enter into office as the United States President.

Presidential polls, however, can take various forms and consist of different types of inquiries to provide for quite an extensive understanding as to how the general public's perspective changes in regards to a Presidential election. 

Many presidential polls will often times be divided state by state, providing for a more descriptive and concise production of results to gain further insight as to how American people stand on their views regarding a Presidential Election. An very basic example could be how a people in a particular state will cast their vote, and ultimately, providing for a prediction as to which candidate will win that state in the Electoral College.

Presidential polls can also go as far as focusing on a particular stance or policy that a Presidential Candidate will have and how such a policy is regarded by the people. Aspects that may be focused in such a case would be the effectiveness of such a policy, the overall acceptance of the policy by the American people, and whether such a policy is to have a profound change for the entire country.