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Fast Overview to State Laws

Fast Overview to State Laws

While each of the 50 states’ laws vary on an individual level, they share the commonality of Federal Laws; every state is considered to be a legislative sovereign entity in matters that are not under the jurisdiction of the Federal government – however, matters involving commerce and international affairs are regulated by the Federal government. As a result, laws pertaining to these matters are not different from state to state. However, as per the Constitution of the United States, individual states retain the right to create, execute, and regulate individual laws upon their approval. 
Due to the disarray caused by the Articles of Confederation, which allowed for every state to maintain separate laws, the regulation of laws by the Federal government in matters that pertain to the country as whole remain uniform. However, factors such as location, population, state budget, environment, and resources allow for each individual state to orchestrate in-state laws that would best provide for optimal justice and order.



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