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California Unemployment Benefits

California Unemployment Benefits

A Quick Guide to California Unemployment Benefits 

California Unemployment Benefits

A California unemployment benefit is a cash amount that is issued to a qualified person who needs compensation for expenses because they are not working.  An eligible person is always required to seek employment the entire time they are on unemployment, and in fact, the requirement to qualify for California unemployment benefits includes the following: 

• Out of work due to no fault on the former employee

• the person is physically able to work and actively seeking work

• the person is ready to accept work at any moment

There are certain commons questions asked about unemployment, and a majority of these FAQs are covered in this article.  For more information, visit the official website of the California Employment Development Department.  

Can I Qualify for California Unemployment Benefits?

In order to find out if you qualify for a California unemployment benefit, the official website of the California Employment Development Depart encourages people to visit the following website and access the online application at the following link

You will have to follow directions on the website in order to ensure you have a chance of qualifying.  You can also contact the Employment Development Department by mail, online, or by phone, and contact information and phones numbers are listed at the following link.

Additionally, you can fill out a UI Application, DE 1101 and return the application to the office.  This form can be located at the Forms and Publications section under the EDD.  You should note that you will not qualify for unemployment if you are self-employed unless your case is special.  

How are California Unemployment Benefits Calculated? 

A California unemployment benefit is calculated by using the earning of an individual during a 12 month time period—called the base period—that occurred around 15 to 17 months before the date of the claim.  If a person qualifies for a California unemployment benefit, they will receive a weekly payment based on the highest earnings in a calendar quarter during the base period.  

California unemployment benefits can range from $40 to $450 depending on the person’s highest quarterly earnings during the base period.  In order to qualify for the highest amount, a person must make at least $11,674.01 during a calendar quarter in the base period.  In order to access a full chart of a possible California unemployment benefit, you can access the complete chart.  

How long do California Unemployment Benefits Last? 

A claim in the state of CA is only good for one year, and the claimant may receive 12-26 weeks of full benefits in most cases.  They may be able to receive more benefits during times of high unemployment if permission is granted by Congress or the State legislature.  

What you need to file for a California Unemployment Benefit

You’ll need the following: 

• name and SSN 

• mailing and physical address

• phone number

• last employer information 

• information about employers you’ve worked for in the last 18 months

• driver’s license 

• last date worked and reason you’re not working now

• citizenship status

• any additional forms may be needed as well