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What To Do When Wages Are Withheld

What To Do When Wages Are Withheld


Unpaid – or withheld wages – are considered to be wages earned through employment with which an individual employee has not been compensated. Such examples of withheld wages can be the failure to receive overtime pay or any other nature of wage that was agreed upon in the individual contract of employment. Unlawful withholding of wages in tandem with the failure to properly provide from earned compensation is a crime, and in the event that an individual wishes to regain withheld wages, the following measures can be taken:

Provide a written request of the withheld wages to an employer; it is beneficial to provide copies of hours worked and terms of the employment contract in this letter.

In the event that this request is denied, one is encouraged to consult fellow employees in order to determine if the practice of withholding wages is common place in that specific place of employment; in the event that one’s fellow employees are interested in regaining withheld wages, the group of employees may be able to file a class-action lawsuit.

Bring all of your documentation – including proof of withheld wages – to an attorney specializing in employment law or labor law in order to further discuss your case.