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Minimum Wage in Nevada

Minimum Wage in Nevada

Quick Guide to Minimum Wage in NV 
Minimum Wage in Nevada
There are multiple state and federal laws that apply to employees and minimum wages in Nevada.  This article will discuss the different minimum wages in Nevada according to state statutes and information under the state’s Labor Commission.  For more information about minimum wages in Nevada and procedure.
What is the Current Minimum Wage in Nevada?
The current minimum wage in Nevada is $7.25 for employees offered benefits and $8.25 for employees with no benefits.  The minimum wage in NV for tipped employees is the same as the minimum wage for non-tipped employees.  Minimum wage in Nevada for tipped employees is one of the only wages and states that offers the same rates for tipped and non-tipped employees.  
What is the overtime minimum wage in NV?
If an employee has worked more than 8 hours during a workday or 40 hours during the workweek, an employer must pay an overtime minimum wage in NV of $10.88 if the employee receives benefits.  If the employee does not receive benefits, the overtime minimum wage in NV is $12.38.
What Employees are Exempt from Laws for Minimum Wages in Nevada?
Certain employees are exempt from being paid minimum wage in NV.  NRS 608.250 of the state statutes minimum wage in Nevada provides exemptions for certain employees, and these exemptions are listed below.  An employer may still choose to pay such employees minimum wage in NV:
taxicab and/or limousine drivers
outside salespersons (earnings are based on commissions)
employees engaged in an agricultural pursuit for an employer who did not use more than 500 days of agricultural labor in any calendar quarter of the preceding calendar year
domestic service employee whom resides in the household where he/she works
person with severe disabilities whose disabilities have diminished their productive capacity in a specific job and who are specified in certificates issued by the rehabilitation Division of the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation
If you believe an employer has paid you an unfair minimum wage in NV, employees are first encouraged to try and settle the dispute with their employer.  If the dispute over minimum wages in Nevada is not resolved, refer to the following section.  
Wage Claims for Unfair Minimum Wage in Nevada
According to NRS 608.260, an employee who has been paid an unfair minimum wage in Nevada can bring a civil action against the employer within 2 years.  If the claim for minimum wages in Nevada is not filed within 2 years, an employee cannot claim minimum wages.  
If an employer has violated laws for minimum wages in Nevada, they can receive a misdemeanor.  Additionally, NRS 608.290 states that an employer can receive a fine up to $5,000 for each violation of minimum wage in Nevada.