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Minimum Wage in Vermont

Minimum Wage in Vermont


A brief guide to minimum wage in Vermont

The law has created many protections to help safeguard the rights of workers. Nearly all members of the workforce are entitled to minimum wages in Vermont. Legal protections regarding worker compensation require companies to follow certain rules regarding minimum wage in VT. You should be aware of all laws regarding minimum wage in Vermont which can affect your compensation.

Rather than following the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, the state has set its own number. As of 2012, minimum wages in Vermont are set at $8.46 an hour. In addition, if you work more than 40 hours in a week, you are entitled to overtime compensation in addition to minimum wage in VT. You should be paid time-and-a-half for every hour worked past this period in addition to regular payment of minimum wage in Vermont. 

Some employers may try to get around this requirement by deeming you a "salaried" employee and paying the total amount of minimum wage in VT you would normally make for 40 hours' work in a lump sum. They will then claim you are not entitled to overtime payments along with your minimum wages in Vermont. However, only someone working in a field that is primarily intellectual or administrative can qualify for "salaried" status. If you are making minimum wage in Vermont, this is unlikely to be the case.

An employer is allowed to deduct certain expenses from your pay. However, they may not do so if this will result in you being paid less than minimum wages in Vermont. Some of the expense which may be withheld from salary include state and federal taxes. If you are required to pay for your food and lodging, you cannot be charged more than $78.33 for this on a weekly basis whether you make minimum wage in Vermont or earn a higher salary. 

In addition to paying minimum wage in VT, employers are required to maintain workers compensation insurance in case their workers are injured. Anyone making minimum wages in Vermont or higher is entitled to coverage for their medical expenses if they are injured on the job. It is irrelevant whether an incident is your harm. Those making minimum wage in Vermont or higher are also entitled to consult with any physician they deem necessary.

If an employer fails to pay at least minimum wage in VT, contact the Wage & Hour division of the state's Department of Labor. This government agency is responsible for ensuring that all laws regarding minimum wages in Vermont and other employee rights are respected by employers. After investigating your claims regarding underpayment of minimum wage in VT, they may be able to compel compensation which has been unfairly withheld.

Should this government agency decline to take action relating to a violation of laws governing minimum wage in Vermont, you may decide to hire private legal representation. Maintain copies of paystubs and all other work-related financial records in case you need to go to court to obtain compensation for underpayment of minimum wages in Vermont.