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Virginia Disability Benefits

Virginia Disability Benefits

Virginia Disability Laws: Overview and Decision Criteria
The Disability Determination Services is an agency within the state’s Department of Rehabilitative Services responsible for processing disability claims for benefits under the Supplemental Security Income Disability and the Social Security Disability Insurance Programs. Based primarily on federal law and regulations, Virginia disability laws aim to promote accurate and prompt decisions regarding disability payments. Ultimately these determinations are derived from the following:
Medical and Psychological Evidence
Medical Criteria
Consultative Evaluation
Continuing Disability Review
Vocational Criteria
Disability Determination Services of Virginia is responsible for processing claims for benefits under the Supplemental Security Income Disability and the Social Security Disability Insurance Programs. As a division within the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services, the state’s Disability Determination Services works in tandem with the Federal Social Security Administration to follow federal regulations when rendering said decisions. For information regarding social security benefits please visit here.
The mission of the DDS—by utilizing VA disability law– is to make accurate and quick decisions regarding disability claims as they pertain to Supplemental Security Income and Disability Insurance Benefits programs. 
Virginia Disability Laws: What is the Disability Insurance Benefits Program?
As an integral part of Virginia disability laws, the Disability Insurance Benefits Program requires a disabled person in Virginia to have worked for a significant period of time within a job covered by Social Security. Starting at the age of 18—according to VA disability laws–a dependent, adult child of a retired worker who is disabled or deceased may be eligible for compensation if the child became disabled before the age of 22. Disability benefits—according to Virginia disability laws—may also be delivered to widows, widowers or surviving divorced spouses of insured workers. There forms of disability payments are funded primarily through the Social Security Trust Fund
Virginia Disability Law: What is the Supplemental Security Income Program?
The Supplemental Security Income Program—a fundamental program of VA disability law–is a federally funded program based purely on financial need—this agency does not make it necessary for Virginia residents with disability to have received benefits from Social Security. Basic medical criteria—according to VA disability law– regarding eligibility are uniform for both the Supplemental Security Income Program and the Disability Insurance Benefits Program. Recipients of compensation under both these programs may also be ruled eligible—based on Virginia Disability law—for Medicare or Medicaid benefits. 
VA Disability Law: Treating Physicians
According to Virginia Disability laws, medical information outlining a patient’s mental and/or physical status must be requested from the treating physician. Federal legislation emphasizes the need for medical evidence from the patient’s own psychologist or physician. Without this information—according to VA disability law—the patient would not be eligible to receive disability compensation
Virginia Disability Law: Consultative Evaluations
When a decision cannot be rendered based on evidence from treating sources, the Disability Determination Services Administration will authorize a consultative evaluation. The Disability Determination Services—based on VA disability law–will supply these services according to a fee schedule established by a Medical Advisory committee. The patient’s treating sources—based on VA disability law–will provide the consultative examination if special qualifications and equipment is required.
Virginia Disability Law: How is Disability Determined?
To determine disability amounts—along with who is entitled to disability—a team comprised of clinical psychologists and staff doctors—as well as a trained analyst—will render a decision at one of four DDS regional offices throughout the state of Virginia. Applications under VA disability law for Social Security Disability Insurance disability benefits may be completed online. (under the ‘Apply for Benefits’ section). To apply for Supplemental Security Income for a child or adult, please contact the SSA’s toll-free number at 1-800-772-1213. 
To be eligible for compensation under Virginia disability laws, the individual must meet the federal regulations for disability. Benefits are delivered if the applicant’s mental and/or physical status fulfills requirements in the listed criteria or is ruled to be of equivalent severity to those listed. 
Listed below are the Virginia DDS Locations:
Disability Determination Services
Administrative Office P.O. Box K-300 
Richmond, Virginia 23288
Disability Determination Services
Northern Regional Office 
11150 Main Street
Suite 200 
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Disability Determination Services
Southwest Regional Office
111 Franklin Road, SE
Suite 250 
Roanoke, Virginia 24011
Disability Determination Services
Central Regional Office
5211 W. Broad Street
Suite 200
Richmond, Virginia 23230
Disability Determination Services
Tidewater Regional Office
5700 Thurston Avenue
Suite 107 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455