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Mississippi Disability Benefits

Mississippi Disability Benefits

A Quick Guide to Mississippi’s Disability Insurance

Mississippi Disability Insurance

There are several types of disability insurance offered by the state, and Mississippi’s disability insurance is also offered under federal social security.  If you are trying to file for social security disability, the link provided will provide you will assistance: 

This article will mainly discuss common Mississippi disability schemes, different types of state disability, and steps you can take to file a claim under state support.  For more information about Mississippi’s disability insurance to expand on this article, visit the following link.

Mississippi’s Disability Schemes

Every state has common types of disability fraud, and some common types of Mississippi disability fraud are listed below: 

1. Faking an injury or illness- This is the most common type of fraud associated with MS disability.  It is easy to fake an injury or illness, and even with the help of professional medical testimony, the fact that a worker might be faking an injury is often hard to detect. 

2. Working while on disability- In Mississippi, many people are caught working while still receiving Mississippi’s disability insurance. They may work under the table or even do the same job they were doing before, and although a person may work while receiving payments, they can’t work more than a specified amount of hours or outside of a specified job while receiving MS disability. 

3. Collecting MS disability after healed- this type of fraud is normally easily detectable, but many people will try to receive payments after they have been cleared.  

Different Types of Mississippi Disability

There are three different types of Mississippi disability insurance besides federal social security.  These different types of MS disability are provided to individuals based on the severity of the disability and ability for competitive employment in the future.  Valuable links are also provided below for MS disability: 

MS Disability under the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)

This type is the most common of Mississippi’s disability programs.  The OVR offers services to those with physical and mental disabilities sustained from employment.  Steps for filing within the OVR are listed in the next section.  

MS Disability under the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind (OVRB)

This disability office offers services strictly to the blind or visually impaired.  For more information on this type of disability, visit the following link

MS Disability under the Office of Special Disability Programs (OSDP)

Mississippi disability through this office is provided to individuals who have suffered severe injuries and do not show the ability to immediately seek competitive employment.  This type of disability is mainly funded by several grants, and for more information, visit the link

Applying for Mississippi’s Disability under (OVR)

In order to start the determination process under the OVR, you’ll have to contact a counselor’s office near you at (800) 443-1000.  While receiving Mississippi disability support, you’ll have to go through a number of training services to help you seek employment again.  Training is available at one of the 16 different “AbilityWorks” locations around the state.  Contact information for every office can be found at the following link.