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How To Get a New Social Security Card

How To Get a New Social Security Card

People may require a new Social Security card at some point in their tenure under this system, a contingency as may come to pass due, potentially, to losing Social Security cards, or, in other cases, due to damaging or otherwise rendering illegible the Social Security cards which up to that point the individual in particular had possessed.
In this regard, the administering aspect of the U.S. government, the independent federal department referred to as the U.S. Social Security Administration, allows for people to receive a new Social Security card, in part through the same procedures as are observed for first registering for and receiving Social Security cards, as consist primarily of completion and submission of the SS-5 Form.
That being said, a U.S. citizen or legally registered and applicable resident of the U.S. otherwise eligible for a new Social Security card will be allowed up to three Social Security cards in all in the course of a single year, while no individual can receive more than 10 Social Security cards over the course of his or her entire life.
In regard to receiving new Social Security cards, as can then be used for a wide range of identification purposes, the U.S. Social Security Administration observes three distinct phases in applying for a new Social Security card. The first stage is the aforementioned required task of filling out the SS-5, while the second involves proving both one’s own identity as well as personal identity. The third and last stage to get a new Social Security card is submitting documentation.



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