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Smoking Ban At A Glance

Smoking Ban At A Glance

In the United States, each state is responsible for establishing smoking bans. Currently, only 27 states maintain legislation that prohibits smoking in public places. As a result, individuals cannot smoke in restaurants, bars, or other public establishments within these states. Some states have not enacted a statewide banning of smoking tobacco products. Other states have created exemptions that allow smoking in some public locations, including private clubs, small offices, casinos, cigar bars, and tobacconists.

Most major cities, including Fort Worth, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis, enforce smoking bans. A number of states have not instated any type of statewide smoking ban, including Texas, Alaska, Wyoming, South Caroline, Mississippi, Alabama, and Kentucky. States such as Virginia, New Hampshire, Georgia, North Carolina, and Idaho have created very specific smoking bans, which only apply in certain locations.