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Jobless Rate Overview

Jobless Rate OverviewUK unemployment

In the United Kingdom, the UK unemployment rate is compiled by the Office of National Statistics. The national UK unemployment rate has remained below eight percent for several months, indicating that the UK unemployment rate is below the levels of unemployment experienced in Canada, India, or the United States of America. However, within the UK, unemployment varies greatly between different regions and even from city to city.

Unemployment in India

Unemployment in India is difficult to determine because there are many individuals who are only partially employed, meaning that hidden, chronic, and systemic unemployment in India makes it difficult to obtain a complete picture of the levels of unemployment in India.

Unemployment in Canada

Unemployment in Canada allows out of work Canadians to submit jobless claims to gain Employment Insurance. Until 1996, Employment Insurance was known as Unemployment Insurance in Canada. Unemployment Insurance in Ontario is supplied to former employees in the automotive and aeronautics industries.