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Arizona Unemployment Benefits

Arizona Unemployment Benefits


What are the conditions to receive AZ unemployment benefits?

You will have to be fired from a job to collect Arizona unemployment benefits, rather than quitting.  Those that can receive Arizona unemployment benefits should be willing and able to work and actively look for work while receiving Arizona unemployment benefits.  You can collect Arizona unemployment benefits only if your wages were earned in the state.  Those that collect AZ unemployment benefits will have lost their job and are unemployed through no fault of their own.

How are Arizona unemployment benefits determined?

The determination for AZ unemployment benefits is complicated and factors what you have earned in a given “base period.”  The base period consists of the last five quarters in which you worked prior to your unemployment.  You will learn more about the relationship between your base period and the amount and eligibility for Arizona unemployment benefits by contacting the Department of Economic Security.  You will receive up to a third of your base period wages through Arizona unemployment benefits, though there are other factors and limitations that might affect what you can collect.

How do I file for AZ unemployment benefits?

You will be able to file for Arizona unemployment benefits by phone or online.  If filing online, you will need to provide information such as your SS#, address, the names and addresses of all employers from the last 18 months and a few other forms if you have been in the military or federal civilian service within the last 18 months.  To file a claim for AZ unemployment benefits, you will need to enter the system, read the warnings and select a foreign language as necessary.  If you are uncomfortable using the online system, simply call the DES to schedule an appointment or begin your unemployment insurance filing.

How long do AZ unemployment benefits last?

Arizona unemployment benefits will last until a third of your base period wages are paid to you, though you will not receive more than 26 times your weekly benefit amount in total.  The minimum weekly payment on Arizona unemployment benefits is $60 and the maximum is $240.

Applying for AZ unemployment benefits by phone

You may use a touchtone phone to apply for Arizona unemployment benefits.  the automated service will guide you through the options and for your convenience, a map of the automated system is also available online and will denote the different options you will have in order to get into contact with the individual or system that will be able to help you.

How are AZ unemployment benefits disbursed?

Arizona unemployment benefits will be disbursed through electronic payment card, which functions as a debit card and is provided by Chase bank.  You will avoid unnecessary fees by using Chase and Allpoint bank atms only.  For all other purchases, the Arizona unemployment benefits on the debit card can be used as cash, without conditions.  The card is valid for three years and all payments are made to that card only.