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West Virginia Unemployment Benefits

West Virginia Unemployment Benefits


Quick Guide to West Virginia Benefits

West Virginia Unemployment Benefits

The state of WV provides the public with a large amount of valuable resources as well as useful information about the depth and entirety of West Virginia-unemployment-benefits.  The majority of information on this website about West Virginia unemployment benefits is referenced from the claimant handbook under the WV Workforce organization, and you should regard the handbook for more information on unemployment in the state of WV:

Am I Eligible for West Virginia Unemployment Benefits?

You’ll have to meet certain eligibility factors before and after filing for West Virginia-unemployment benefits.  Some of these eligibility factors for unemployment compensation are listed below: 

1. File weekly claims on time- you must file for your weekly West Virginia-unemployment-benefits before 7 days after the week ending date.  If you delay or fail to make claims on time, your West Virginia unemployment benefits may be denied. 

2. Totally or partially unemployed- you must be totally unemployed or partially unemployed and receive less work than you were receiving before filing for West Virginia-unemployment-benefits.  If you are totally unemployed, unemployment services will investigate the entire reasons of your unemployment—which may affect the credibility of your claim.

3. Able to work- Before and while filing, you must be mentally and physically able to work a normal workweek before receiving weekly West Virginia unemployment benefits.  

4. Actively seeking work- you must make “good faith” efforts to seek employment equal to your level of training and/or experience while filing for West Virginia unemployment benefits.  You should keep a weekly record of your work search contacts, and you’ll have to register with a Job Service Office in your area while receiving West Virginia-unemployment-benefits. 

Wage Requirements for West Virginia-Unemployment-Benefits

In order to qualify for West Virginia unemployment benefits, you must meet at least one of the follow wage requirements listed below: 

1. During the base period, you must have been paid wages of at least $2,200

2. Wages in at least two of the four quarters in the past base period

If you are eligible for West Virginia-unemployment-benefits, you can receive a weekly benefit of 1/26th  of your maximum benefit amount.  Your weekly and maximum benefit amounts will be based on your income earnings during the base period.  

How do I make my weekly claim for West Virginia Unemployment Benefits?

You can file for weekly benefits by filing a claim online or calling one of several different phone numbers.  In order to file for West Virginia-unemployment-benefits online

In order to file for benefits by phone, you can find contact information on the last page of the document under the WV Workforce. 

Work and Earning Reporting for West Virginia-Unemployment-Benefits

If you are filing a weekly report for your West Virginia unemployment benefits, you must report all of your work and earnings for the week in which you worked, including any of the following: 

• full-time or part-time work

• all paid training

• military reserve or National Guard duty

• work for a non-profit organization or church

• any self-employment

• payments for providing childcare 

• work on contract or commission basis

• holiday, severance, or vacation pay

• tips

• farming income 

Fraud involving claiming West Virginia unemployment benefits is a serious crime, and you are liable for anything you put within a claim, even if you accidentally make a mistake.