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How Much is the CA Minimum Wage

How Much is the CA Minimum Wage

The state of California is one of the few states within the United States that has established a minimum wage that exceeds the national minimum wage standards. As of 2010, the minimum wage in California is $8.00 for every hour that an individual works, making it 75 cents higher than the national minimum wage.
The large majority of employees working in the state of California must be paid at least the CA minimum wage, though there are some exceptions. Prior to the increase that made the CA minimum wage $8.00 per hour, the minimum wage rate was set at $7.50 per hour.
Some cities within California, including San Francisco, have established a minimum wage that is higher than the state specified minimum wage. In San Francisco, the current minimum wage is $9.79, making it one of the highest minimum wage rates in the United States. 
The large majority of employees must be provided with the CA minimum wage of $8.00 per hour. However, California law recognizes some exceptions to this standard. For example, individuals who work waiting tables in restaurants are not required to be provided with the specified wages, as long as they are making enough money in tips to cover the value of the minimum wage rate.
In addition, apprentices or employees who are training is not required to be given minimum wage. If an individual is employing his/her child, parent, or spouse, he/she does net need to pay these individuals minimum wage. Camp employees can be paid below minimum wage, as can babysitters. An individual's age may also determine whether or not he/she is eligible for minimum wage. 



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