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Minimum Wage 2008 vs. Minimum Wage 2009

Minimum Wage 2008 vs. Minimum Wage 2009

The Fair Minimum Wage Act, which was passed in 2007 as an amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act, introduced an incremental increase in the federal minimum wage, which happened over a three year period. This increase was complete by July, 2009, when the national minimum wage reached $7.25. In regard to minimum wage, 2009 was year in which the federal standard increased notably.

Minimum wage 2008 national standards were set at $6.55 for each hour that an employee worked. Minimum wage 2009 values increased by 70 cents. This increase was intended to ensure that all employees within the United States were being provided with fair and adequate incomes. In addition, the Fair Minimum Wage Act helped employees working in the lowest paid jobs cope with inflation and increases in living costs.

The national minimum wage 2009 increase affected many states. While some states had taken the initiative to establish higher minimum wages, most maintained the standard set by the federal government. Following the federal increase, these states were also required to increase their minimum wages.

In total, the minimum wage increase that occurred between 2008 and 2009 affected more than 30 different states. While this was beneficial for many individuals, it also created additional complications for some groups of people. For example, it became more difficult for teenagers who were seeking employment at the time of the increase to obtain a job.