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Minimum Wage UK

Just as the United States has established a national minimum wage, the United Kingdom has also created minimum wage standards. Minimum wage UK standards work similarly to minimum wage standards in the United States
Minimum wages continue to increase as the cost of living increases. As a result, the United Kingdom instated an increase in the minimum wage rates in 2010. In 2010, the minimum wage UK standards increased for employees of all ages.
The increase was relatively minor, improving the minimum wage by only a few cents. Nevertheless, a small increase is more helpful than no increase. In regard to minimum wage, Ireland only introduced associated legislation in 2000, and currently, the minimum wage is €8.65. Ireland did not see the minimum wage increase that the UK did in 2010. 
In the United Kingdom, the minimum wage set for individuals who are between the ages of 16 and 17 increased from £3.57 to £3.64 for each hour worked. Individuals who are between the aged of 18 and 20 are provided with an independent minimum wage.
Prior to 2010, the minimum wage for these individuals was £4.83, and since, has increased to £4.92. Employees who are over the age of 21 also benefited from a minimum wage increase in 2010, when the wage rate went from £5.80 to £5.93. In addition to the minimum wage increases that occurred, the government also introduced a minimum wage for people working as apprentices. Now, apprentices must be paid £2.50 for each hour that they work. 



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