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Wage Line Overview

Wage Line Overview

Wage Slips Background

A wage slip is a record or a document that details an individual's income and any funds that are deducted from his/her income. Most employers in many countries are legally required to provide employees with wage slips. These documents are essential to ensure that employers are adhering to minimum wage standards and tax laws. 

Minimum Wage UK

The United Kingdom has created a national minimum wage, which most employees are eligible to receive. The minimum wage UK standards work similarly to those set in the united States. There are also minimum wage Ireland standards that govern the minimum pay that an employee can receive for his/her work in Ireland. 

Minimum Wage Australia

When considering minimum wage, Australia is a country that has established and enforces wage and hour standards. The current minimum wage in Australia is notably higher than the minimum wage rates in most other countries. A worker must be a certain age to be eligible for the minimum wage rates.