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Knowing Civil Service Pay Scale

Knowing Civil Service Pay Scale

One aspect that makes civil service jobs and careers such a highly regarded and sought after field is the civil service salary. Currently, there over two million people are currently in a civil service position or career, making the United States Government the nation’s largest employer. However, just as there are a different variety of civil service positions, there is also quite a difference in the civil service salary.
The changes in civil service salary will prove to be the same as with other jobs, depending on the nature of the position and the location of the job. In cases where the job is harder to fill or requires certain specialization, the civil service salary may be higher. 
Almost all government or civil service jobs will be based upon a civil service pay scale, also known as a General Schedule pay scale. The civil service pay scale was adopted with the enactment of the Classification Act of 1949. The General Schedule is used form most professional, technical, and administrative positions in the civil service, while the Wage Grade schedule is used for blue collar positions.
There are also other civil service pay scale systems, such as the Federal Wage System and the Senior Level pay scale. The civil service pay scale is divided into fifteen schedules, starting from about $20,000 and getting as  high as $150,000. However, the average is about $50,000, though this will also depend on the state as well.