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New Jersey Senators Quick Overview

New Jersey Senators Quick Overview

New Jersey Senators Background
New Jersey Senators are responsible for ensuring that the concerns and ideals of New Jersey residents are considered when proposed federal legislation is voted on. Currently, both NJ Senators serving in the United States Senate are Democratic Senators with liberal views on many key issues. Both Senator Menendez and Senator Lautenberg have significant experience serving New Jersey. 

Bob Menendez
Bob Menendez is a United States Senator representing the State of New Jersey. He was appointed by New Jersey’s Governor, Governor Jon Corzine, to complete the Senate term that Corzine was serving prior to his selection as Governor. Senator Menendez is a Democratic Senator and maintains liberal views on many important issues. 
Frank Lautenberg
Frank Lautenberg has extensive experience serving as a New Jersey Senator on the United States Senate. Senator Lautenberg has completed numerous terms on the Senate and even returned to serve on the Senate after initially retiring. He is a very liberal Democrat, as well as the oldest Senator currently serving on this government body.  



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