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Illinois Senators At A Glance

Illinois Senators At A Glance

Illinois Senators Background
Currently, both Illinois Senators representing the state in the U.S. Congress are Democratic Senators. Before the 2008 presidential elections, President Barack Obama served as an Illinois Senator. Following the elections, Senator Roland Burris was selected to represent the state of Illinois. Together, Senator Burris and Senator Durbin work to improve and protect the state of Illinois. 

Senator Obama
Prior to being elected and inaugurated as the United States’ 44th president, Senator Barack Obama represented the state of Illinois in the United States Senate. He was reelected by the residents of Illinois to serve multiple terms on the U.S. Senate. His liberal views and ideas have caused significant controversy, specifically since he was instated as the President of the United States. 
Dick Durbin
Dick Durbin is one of the individuals elected to serve as an Illinois Senator on the U.S. Senate. Senator Durbin is a widely loved and respected political leader, being repeatedly reelected to serve on major government bodies. Based on polls conducted online and in magazines, he is considered to be one of the best Senators in the United States.



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