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Who Is Dick Lugar

Who Is Dick Lugar

  • Dick Lugar was chosen by the residents of Indiana to represent the state in the United States Senate. Senator Lugar is a Republican Senator. Prior to being elected to the U.S. Senate, he acted as Indianapolis’s mayor, for a period of eight years. Senator Lugar has served on the U.S. Senate for an extended period of time, initially being elected to represent Indiana in 1976. He has been repeatedly reelected to serve in the Senate by the residents of Indiana. As a result of his experience and seniority, Senator Lugar has become an influential authority within the U.S. Senate. He maintains conservative views on many of the important issues, including abortion, LBGT rights, and national security. He opposes same sex marriage and abortion, and he was a strong support of the war in Iraq. 
  • Throughout the duration of his service on the U.S. Senate, Senator Lugar has been a member of a number of different Senate Committees. He acted as the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee for a number of years. He seeks to dismantle weapons of mass destruction, including chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, and biological weapons throughout the world. Currently, Senator Lugar serves on the Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee and is a ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee. In addition, he is a member of the Energy, Science, and Technology Subcommittee, the Domestic and Foreign Marketing Subcommittee, and he is a ranking member of the Hunger, Nutrition, and Family Farms Subcommittee. Due to his seniority, he may be appointed President pro tempore, in the event that the Republican Party once again becomes the Majority Party.



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