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Who Is Joseph McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy was elected to represent Wisconsin in the United States Senate in 1947. He served for a period of ten years; however, he died from hepatitis in 1957. Senator Joseph McCarthy became a widely recognized political figure in 1950, when he frequently commented on Communism and the Cold War. His claims and allegations increased tension within the United States, regarding the Cold War and Communist Soviet Union.
Senator McCarthy repeatedly claimed that the United States was plagued by spies from the Soviet Union and Communists seeking to harm the U.S. He was unable to provide evidence to support any of his claims, and as a result, the Senate censured McCarthy. It was his reckless behavior and public attacks that led to the development of the term McCarthyism.
Prior to serving in the United States Senate, Senator McCarthy attended Marquette University, and acquired a degree in law. He was selected to act as one of Wisconsin’s circuit judges. Subsequently, Senator McCarthy enlisted in the Marine Corps, during which time fought in World War II. He was initially elected to serve in the United States Senate in 1946.
Throughout his career in the Senate, McCarthy repeatedly accused politicians, military officials, and individuals within the Presidential Cabinet of disloyalty and Communism. Senator McCarthy was one of the only Senators in the history of the United States to be censured by the Senate. As a result, his popularity diminished notably. Many people continue to support Senator Joseph McCarthy and his actions during his time as a U.S. Senator.



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