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When Did Women Get the Right to Vote?

When Did Women Get the Right to Vote?

Throughout the history of the United States, women along with many races have struggled with discriminatory practices. This unfortunate social stigma can be viewed in regards to the right to vote. Women have long fought for the right to vote throughout American history. The right to vote was not outlined in the original United States Constitution. 
As a result, numerous states implemented intolerable acts to prevent women voters. The first spark for a women’s right to vote occurred in 1836, when numerous women campaigned and fought for the right to vote. The revolution towards women voting began as many women around the country viewed their injustices as a direct violation of an American’s rights.
As leaders like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton established associations, colleges, and organization advocating a women’s right to vote, the government and political leaders began to hear their voices.
After years of struggling, the official stance of women’s suffrage was finally accepted by the Republican party in 1912. The party, which was lead by Theodore Roosevelt, represented the first political organization to accept a woman’s right to vote. Following this political backing, the Federal Government of the United States passed the Nineteenth Amendment of the Constitution in 1920, which guaranteed women voters the right to vote for the first time in American history.



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