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Virginia Board of Elections

Virginia Board of Elections

The Virginia Board of Election handles issues that pertain to Virgina elections. They provide services for those that wish to register to vote, including required paperwork. They also explain which type of identification is required both to register and to actually vote. They also provide absentee ballots in case someone should be out of the area on a voting day.

The Virgina Board of Elections also educates the public as to the importance of voting. They may hold seminars, hang signs or go to schools, to explain how each vote can influence Virgina election results.

Like many Boards, the Virgina Board of Elections also helps to ensure that candidates do not break any laws while running for office. First, the Virginia Board of elections helps to explain the process required for candidates to run for office. They will provide the potential candidate with the necessary paperwork, including any instructions sheets which lists the items required to file the paperwork.

The Virginia Board of Elections will also explain the entire Virgina elections process to candidates, so that they can be aware what to expect. They will of course, also issues paperwork to help the candidate understand the very strict rules which govern campaign finance, including what would constitute an illegal contribution.

The Virginia Board of Elections also handles any election disputes, such as possible voter fraud.




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