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What Are Entitlement Programs

What Are Entitlement Programs


Government entitlement programs can be defined as government programs that exist through ways of grants or some other means to provide people with public funds due to a specific need or requirement. Therefore, government programs that bestow some sort of financial consideration to an individual or group of individual can be viewed as entitlement programs.

In the United States, entitlement programs can take various forms and are given to specific people. A common example is the food stamp program, which is among the entitlement programs given to people that have financial problems that impede them to properly provide for their families. Food stamp programs allow people to buy food and other goods in order to giver their families basic necessities for survival.

Other types of entitlement programs are loans given to certain individuals. An example are Federal Student Loans, which are given to students seeking a college education but do not have the funds to enroll. 




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