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Oklahoma Legislature

The Oklahoma Legislature is the legislative branch for the government of the state of Oklahoma. This means that it is the branch of state government which is primarily focused on creating and performing duties pertaining to the legislation of Oklahoma.
The Oklahoma Legislature is a bicameral legislature, meaning that it is a legislature of two different houses, with one house being the upper house called the Oklahoma Senate, and the other house being the lower house, called the Oklahoma House of Representatives. The Oklahoma Legislature has a total of 149 members at the current time. 101 members of the Oklahoma Legislature are members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, with 48 other members of the Oklahoma Legislature being members of the Oklahoma Senate.
The Oklahoma Legislature has terms set up in the upper house such that state Senators, who serve four-year terms, are staggered as to when they are elected. The members of the lower house of the Oklahoma Legislature are elected once every two years. The districts from which members of the Oklahoma Legislature are voted into office vary depending upon the house in question, though for both houses of the Oklahoma Legislature, there is one district for every representative or senator. 
The Oklahoma Legislature itself is a biennial organization. This means that the Oklahoma Legislature meets only once every two years, as opposed to meeting more often as do certain other  state legislatures. The Oklahoma Legislature meets in Oklahoma City, at the Oklahoma State Capitol building.