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US Census Bureau Statistics

The population census for the United States is carried out by the US Census Bureau, which has been tasked with providing for this large-scale undertaking once every decade.
In addition, this part of the federal government also has the responsibility for turning out US Census Bureau statistics as can thus be used, primarily for the uses of the US government and the elected representatives who administer it in coming to decisions as to policy and administration for the country as a whole. In this regard, people who are interested in the Population Census in general, and as need not come from the government themselves, can refer to the US Census Bureau statistics thus maintained for the country at the source of the www.census.gov website maintained for the purposes of the U.S. Census Bureau.
In this regard, US Census Bureau statistics can be referred to in their basic, raw form, as simply returning the population census data which has been collected since the last survey of the following ten years. Alternately, people can look to the general compilation of US Census Bureau statistics in addition to the more interpretative readings produced of them at the source of the Statistical Abstract of the United States.
Beginning in 1878, the Census Bureau has turned out this reference guide to US Census Bureau statistics, as well as other points of interest collected from statistical studies on United States residents and their activities and experiences. The Bureau of Labor Statistics and of Economic Analysis, among others, have additional input into the Statistical Abstract.



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