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Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage

Medicare advantage plans are just one option in the myriad of Medicare supplements available to Medicare beneficiaries that want additional coverage. Medicare supplements are used to cover the  difference between what Medicare covers and what the Medicare beneficiary would otherwise be financially responsible for.
Medicare advantage plans can also provide coverage which is not offered through Medicare at all, such as dental coverage. In fact, there may be a Medicare advantage plan which offers preventative dental care, as well as more extensive dental plans which cover each type of dental work which may be necessary.
There are generally many types of plans available and most Medicare beneficiaries can find one that is right for them and includes the coverage they need, at a cost they can afford.
While the purchase of Medicare advantage plan may be less expensive than purchasing another type of plan through a private insurance company,only certain individuals are eligible. The individual must meet the requirements laid out by the provider of the Medicare advantage plan. 
In addition to providing coverage for services not offered through Medicare, Medicare advantage plans may also cover the cost of services which would generally be passed onto the Medicare beneficiary, such as deductibles and co payments. In fact, the cost of the plan may be far less that a normal Medicare beneficiary’s usual out of pocket expenses in a given year.